Oaks Smart Lock 2 Review

Oaks Smart Lock 2 has become popular at the recent times. It is a beautiful designed smart lock with touchpad screen. System is not complicated and uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with phone while you are around. It does not support Wi-Fi or any other connections so remote access to lock/unlock is not possible. In this post we will have a look at this smart lock and try to answer all your questions. Let’s start.

Keypad of Oaks Smart Lock 2

Keypad and key mechanism are together on this smart lock as the other ones. It has touch screen Led keypad with water resistant rubber backing. Keypad is similar to Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt but depending on our comparision Schlage performs a little better at overall performance. What is much better at Oaks Smart Lock 2 is the ability to create unlimited codes with different types.

Default code will be 8 digit but you can set another code with 4-9 digits while you are connected to your smart lock via Bluetooth. Oaks Smart Lock 2 is very flexible about code types. You can create 6 different types of codes. We will share these code types in the next parts.

oaks smart lock

Oaks Smart Lock 2‘s keypad is touch sensitive so when you touch the screen it will light up and you can easily enter your code even at the dark. It is not very ideal to use under very cold temperatures but you can use it as normally in your daily life. It has a one touch lock button for locking.

Code Types

There are 6 types of codes you can create over Oaks Smart Lock app. You can either create these codes remotely or while connected to your smart lock. We will explain all of them with details.

Permanent: As it sounds this is the code which will always work without any date or time limit. When you create this code you will have 24 hours to use activate it or it will be suspended.

Timed: If you have a guest which has to enter to your house between 2 dates you can create this kind of code and set a time for last usage. As example if you have an Airbnb guest which will stay at your house between 20 February starting from 10:00 am to 25 February till 10:00 pm then you can create this code with these limitations. When you create this code you will have 24 hours to use activate it or it will be suspended.

One Time: This is a great option if you need a use and delete code. You may also know this before as OTP. Once you use it will be automatically be deleted and will not work again. It has 6 hours limit after you create the code. If you don’t use it will be suspended.

Erase: If you create and use this code, all of the stored codes will be deleted. You have 24 hours to use this code after creation time.

Cyclic: If you have a visitor to your house who must enter in the same day/days of the week between some specific hours then you can use this type of code. Once you set the limitations it will work every week until you cancel this code. You should use it in 24 hours of creation to prevent suspension.

Customized: This code is combination of permanent and timed codes.You can choose as how you wish.

You can track all of these codes in the logs at the app to see who used the code and when.


This is an alternative method for your guests to unlock the door. Only the difference is your guests should install the Oaks Smart Lock app on their phones. You can generate e-keys over the app and send them to your guests. You can create e-keys with same types as we have mentioned above under code types. You can create e-keys even if you are not around the lock.

Auto Lock Feature

Oaks Smart Lock 2 has auto lock feature as the most of the other smart locks on the market. In the box there is a auto locking sensor. You should install it on your door if you want to activate the auto lock. We have tried it and it works very well. When you close the door it will immediately lock the door automatically. We wish there was a timer to set the triggering time but anyway it is still working perfectly well.

Make sure that you closed the door completely so that auto lock can do it’s job. Otherwise it will not be able to lock the door and try to lock 2 times and give up. In some strange positions there are some reports stating that lock never gives up and tries to lock continuously. So this is up to you if you want to try or it or not. Please check the image below to see the activation process.

oaks smart lock
Oaks Smart Lock installed on door

Fobs For Auto Unlocking

Fobs of Oaks Smart Lock 2 is simply can be named as keys in a different shape and does not require you to insert in the key hole. We really loved this product as it simplifies your unlocking operation. If you have one of the fobs then your door will automatically be unlocked when you come near the Oaks Smart Lock 2.

Mini Fob And Wristband Fob
Mini Fob And Wristband Fob

There are 2 types of bos. Mini fobs are desgined to fit your packet without disturbing you. Wristband fobs are just like usual wristbands so if you love to wear wristbands you will love to wear this too. In the box it comes with 1 mini fob and and 1 wristband fob. If you need more you can purchase them at a very reasonable cost as set of 5 fobs.

Oaks Acorn Wi-Fi Gateway For Remote Access

Oaks Smart Lock 2 supports only Bluetooth connection. As out of the box you can not control your smart lock over the app if you are not connected to lock with Bluetooth. This means you can not lock, unlock, delete codes remotely while you are not around the lock. Fortunately, they have released a new product called Oaks Acorn Wi-Fi Gateway which gives you ability to do all the operations remotely. Here is the list of the things you can do with this gateway:

  • Lock or unlock the door from anwhere
  • Access your logs for lock usage from anywhere
  • Connect, manage, and provide remote access to multiple locks at the same time
  • Manage FOB based access from anwyhere

Battery Life of Oaks Smart Lock 2

Oaks Smart Lock 2 is powered by 4 x AA Alkaline batteries which are also included in the package. We suggest you to buy Duracell batteries for the best performance. Oak claims the batteries will last up to 1 year but depending on the tests with 10 times daily usage we can say it will go around 10 months or even a little more. Battery life can dramatically change depending on some factors as usage frequency, weather conditions and situtation of the door.

It has low battery indicator as alarm so you will know before the batteries drain completely. Even if you forget to change the batteries you can still unlcok the door with one of the keys came with your smart lock. Changing batteries is extremely easy. Just slide up the cover on the inner unit and replace the batteries. Alternatively you can use a powerbank to turn on your Oaks Smart Lock 2 again.

Installation process of Oaks Smart Lock 2

Before you buy Oaks Smart Lock 2 please make sure that your door has these specifactions to fit without problems:

Door Thickness: 1.5″-1.88″

Bore Hole Diameter: 2.125″

Bore Hole Backset: 2.375″-2.75″ (Distance between center of Bore Hole to edge of the door)

oaks smart lock

Installation is very easy actually. You will only need a Phillips Head Screwdriver and the rest of the things already in the package. Installation will take around 20-25 minutes including door sense installation too. This is a normal time when we compare it with other smart locks.

Technical Details Chart

Item Weight 3.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 6 x 2.8 x 1 inches
Voltage 1.5 volts
Batteries 4 AA batteries required. ( included)
Style Deadbolt
Material Zinc Alloy
Included Components Mounting Plate, Rubber Gasket, Face Plate, Back Plate, Bolt Assembly, Auto-lock Sensor, 2 short black screws, 2 short silver screws, 2 long silver screws, 1 long black screw. 4 AA Batteries Included, 1 Fob Mini, 1 Wristband Fob
Batteries Included? Yes
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Warranty Description 1 year manufacturer

Cons and Pros of Oaks Smart Lock 2

Oaks Smart Lock 2 is a good product for the ones looking for only Bluetooth connection enabled smart lock. You will not be able to connect to your lock remotely unless you buy their Oaks Acorn Wi-Fi Gateway. It also does not support other smart hubs on the market so you will not be able to use voice control. As a smart lock we found this one good and reliable so we can suggest it easily. We also loved the Fobs used to auto unlock the door very much. There are some problems about their apps but we belive they can solve them with updates. You will not be disappointed with Oaks Smart Lock 2. Here is a list of cons and pros for you:


Long battery life

Easy installation

Unlimited E-Keys option

Unlimited codes

Airbnb friendly

One Time Password (OTP)

Auto Lock

Auto unlock with Fobs

Custom app

Battery drain warning

Easy battery changing

Beautiful design

Wi-Fi Gateway option


Led Keypad


No smart hub connection options

Keypad sometimes not stable

App needs improvement

No auto lock timer

Needs Oaks Acorn Wi-Fi Gateway for remote access

No voice control with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant

Loud noise while locking

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