Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock Review

We are excited to make a review for a smart lock from Sifely brand again. In the past, we made a review for Sifely Smart Lock and now it’s turn for Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock. During the review, you will see, our experiences and thoughts about Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock.

We know very well that our readers always looking to learn the maximum capacity of the smart locks that we review so we will have Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway in this review to show what can Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock do with the addition of it.

Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock Review

Connection Standards and Smart Home Controller Options

Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock supports only Bluetooth connection technology out of the box. You can control the lock in the Bluetooth range and make all the adjustments. All these processes are carried out through the Sifely App.

The Bluetooth connection may be sufficient for some users, but there is a solution for those who want to remotely control their lock and open their door. Thanks to Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway , which is sold separately, you can connect and control your lock wherever you are in the world.

Thanks to Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway, you can also use the Alexa Voice Assistant and control your lock with voice commands. The lack of Google Assistant support frankly upset us. We recommend that you consider this before purchasing. If Google Assistant is a must for you then you can look at our Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Review and SMONET Keypad Smart Lock Review.

Alexa Voice Assistant

With Alexa Voice Assistant, you can send voice commands to your Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock . You need an Echo or Echo Dot , or other Echo device at your home network to use Alexa.

The integration part is done quite easily. We have completed the Alexa integration in 3-4 minutes in total. Instead of explaining these steps to you step by step, we are sharing you Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock and Alexa integration guide at here.

After completing the introduction, you can talk to Alexa to open and lock your door and ask if it is locked. We tested all these commands and they worked as expected each time. Below are some examples of voice commands:

“Alexa, lock Home.”
“Alexa, unlock Home.” (you will be asked for your pin)
“Alexa, is Home locked?”

Echo Dot

Keypad Of Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock

This smart lock’s keypad has an attractive design with a touchscreen. We loved the layout of the keys. In order to activate the keypad, you have to put your hand on the keypad and wait till it activates under a second. They have done a very good job in point of sensitivity. It is very easy to press keys and you don’t experience detection problems like some keypads with touchscreen.

Brightness of the backlit is good enough to be used under day light and in the dark. We have tested it under sunlight to see if we can see the numbers and seen that numbers were visible enough to input the code.

If you want to lock the door by using the keypad of Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock, you have to press the unlock icon at the bottom of the keypad. It will instantly lock the door.

Sifely company claims that keypad will work between -40° F and 140° F. We had no chance to test this but we know that extreme cold and hot causes problems in touchscreen smart locks. It has also IP54 certificate which means it will be water splash resistant. However, in order to operate the keypad properly, you have to clean the screen and remove water splashes. If you don’t, you will have sensivity problems.

Touchscreen keypads does not like direct sunlight too much. If they got exposured to it too much, screen might crack or you can have problems while activating the lock. This is a general warning froum us for all touchscreen keypad users.

There is a keyhole in the middle of the keypad so that you can unlock your door with your mechanical key whenever it is needed.

Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock Review

User Code Types of Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock

You have to use Sifely Smart Lock app to program user codes. Programming over the keypad is not possible. 150+ user codes can be programmed which is perfectly enough for home and some commercial place uses.

Sifely Smart Lock app gives you freedom to program different types of user codes depending on your needs. Below we will list all of these codes with details.

Permanent: Permanent code will always work. Whoever have this code can unlock the door without any limitations. This code is ideal for family members.

Time Limited: This code is favorite of Airbnb house owners. You basically set a starting time-date and set the ending time-date to program this code. After programming, this code will only work in the time interval you have specified. As an example, your Airbnb will stay at your home between 2 June to 7 June with 10:00 am starting hour and 02:00 pm ending. This code will work between these dates and times and will be deleted after the ending time comes.

One Time: One time code is a great solution for the people who needs to enter your house one time. By programming one time code, you are giving access to people to unlock the door just one time. After it is used, code will be deleted from the system.

Clear: A code to delete all user codes from the lock. Once you input this code, all user codes in the memory will be deleted so you have to be careful.

Cyclic: If you have someone to come to your house at the same days and same hours every week, you can use this code. Suppose that your guest is coming every Monday and Thursday at 10:00 am. In this case you can program cyclic code to be active evert week at Monday and Thursday between 10:00 am to any time you want.

Custom: This code is combination of permanent and time limited codes.You can create this code as the way you want.

We have tested one time and time limited codes to see if they are really working as the way they should. We can say that we never had problems during our tests with these codes.

You have 24 hours to use these codes after programming. If you don’t code will be deleted from the system. Whenever someone uses the code, you can choose to get notifications from the app. You can also track all the activities of each code from the logs in the Sifely Smart Lock app.

Please note that you don’t need Wi-Fi connection to create user codes. You can do this remotely offline just by using Sifely Smart Lock app. This is a cool feature and we liked it very much. It works perfectly.

Here is the Sifely Smart Lock app manual.


E-Keys can also be used at the Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock. They are different from user codes but their types are same. You can create one time, time limited, permanent and cyclic E-Keys.

Difference between an E-Key and an user code is: user codes are used to unlock the door by using the keypad. However, E-Key should be pasted to necessary place at the Sifely Smart Lock app. This means your guest should download the app to the phone.

We have tested E-Keys at different times with different types and they always worked. We are sharing Sifely Smart Lock E-Key manual at here to give you more information.

Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock Review
Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock installed on a door

Auto Lock Feature of Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock

Auto lock is used by many people and it is becoming one of the best features of smart locks and electronic locks. By default, auto lock is enabled at Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock with 5 seconds timer. This means after 5 seconds passes from the unlocking time, door will automatically be locked.

Thanks to Sifely Smart Lock app you can set timer between 5 – 999 seconds. This is very wide range of auto lock timer setting. We have tested by setting timer to 6, 15, 45, 120 seconds and every time Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock locked automatically after that time passed.

Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway For Remote Access

As we have stated before, Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock does only support Bluetooth as out of the box. For remote access yu will need to buy Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway. This gateway extends the features of the smart lock and adds Alexa Voice Assistant support.

Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway not only supports Sifely Smart Deadbolt Lock but also other smart locks of Oaks, SMONET, Catchface, Aibocn, Klwenas Maec, Narpult, and Hornbill. Below, you can find more details about the features added by this gateway.

Sifely WiFi Gateway
  • Remotely lock,unlock your door from anywhere in the world
  • Add,delete and manage user codes and e-keys
  • Connect, manage, and provide remote access to multiple locks at the same time
  • Remotely access your logs for usage details of user codes and ekeys
  • Check the status of your battery

Battery Life of Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock

You will need 4 x AA Alkaline batteries to operate the Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock because these batteries are not included in the box. We suggest high quality batteries such as Duracell batteries or Energizer AA Batteries for the longest battery life.

Sifely predicts the battery life as 1+ year but we know very well that smart locks never reach 1 year battery life with total of 10000 lock/unlock. We have done couple of tests at different doors with different enabled features and calculated the avarage battery consumption. We have also contacted to some long-term users of this smart lock to learn their experiences. After gathering all the information, what we can say is you can expect battery life around 8-9 months.

We have to warn you that battery life can dramatically change from user to user. Many factors such as quality of the batteries, weather conditions, condition of the door, enabled features and usage frequency can be counted for the ones effecting the battery life.

There is a low battery aler which you can hear when battery gets low. As another low battery warning, you will get notifications from the app. You can also track the battery whenever you want over the app. There is no power back-up entrance which is really needed in our opinion. However you can still use the mechanical key in case of sudden battery drain. We suggest you to change batteries in couple of days after getting the low battery warning.

Changing battery as simple as just sliding up the cover on the interior unit. It will take maximum 1 minute of you.

Installation process of Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock

Before giving detailed information about the assembly process, there is one thing you should pay attention to. If your door is not in the dimensions given at the bottom, you cannot install this lock on your door. Please check the information below and then buy Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock.

Door lock thickness: 1.3″-2″ (33 mm – 50 mm)
Door Hole Backset: 2.375″-2.75″ (60 mm-70 mm)
Bore Hole Diameter: 2.125″ (54 mm)

Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock Review

It took only 10 minutes for us to finish installing Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock by just usinga Phillips Head Screwdriver. Considering that we are an experienced team in the installation of smart locks, it means that a person with no previous experience can complete the installation in a maximum of 20 minutes. You can find the Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock installation video below.

Technical Details Chart

Item Weight 2.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 inches
Voltage 1.5 volts
Batteries 4 AA batteries required. (not included)
Style Deadbolt
Material Zinc
Included Components Front Panel, Back Panel, Mounting Plate, Accessory Screws, Allen Wrench, Latch, Rubber Gasket, Installation Manual
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Warranty Description 1 year

Cons and Pros of Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock

When we think about all our experiences while testing Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock, we want to state that we are satisfied with the performance and abilities of this smart lock.

We loved the keypad’s performance as it was very sensitive every time. Having 150+ user code memory with the ability the program depending on your needs is something perfect.

Ability to program user codes away from your home even without Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway is a very good feature. Yes, you don’t need internet connection to program user codes remotely.

Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway is a great addon to control your door remotely. We loved the Alex Voice Assistant ability which is added by this gateway. Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock working very well with Alexa.

Battery life is in the ideal range so you won’t have to change it very frequently. Low battery indicators are great to remind you change the batteries.

Some similar smart locks on the market with additional features:

Hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave

We hope you enjoyed reading our review about Sifely Deadbolt Smart Lock and found the answers to your questions. Below you can find all the cons and pros:


Attractive design

Sensitive touchcsreen keypad

Easy to install

Unlimited E-Keys

Voice control by Alexa (requires Wi-Fi gateway)

150+ user codes memory

Easy to program user codes

Program user codes without internet remotely

6 types of different user codes

Airbnb friendly options

Auto Lock

Custom app

Battery drain warning

Easy battery changing

Remote access with Wi-Fi gateway

Logs of usage


No smart hub connection options

Needs Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway for remote access

No Google Assistant support

No battery back-up entrance

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