Kwikset Aura Smart Lock Review

We had the chance to make a detailed review for Kwikset Aura. We generally like Kwikset locks and obviously we have great expectations from this smart lock. Kwikset Aura mainly focused on keypad and mobile usage at the range of Bluetooth to lock and unlock your door.

Connection capability of Kwikset Aura is limited to Bluetooth so this made us remember our previously reviewed Turbolock TL115 Smart Lock with Keypad which does not have Wi-Fi, Z-Wave or Zigbee connection options to communicate with smart hubs. We will also sometimes compare these 2 smart locks in our review. We hope you will enjoy reading our review and find it valuable before you decide to buy Kwikset Aura Smart Lock.

Keypad of Kwikset Aura Smart Lock

Kwikset Aura Smart Lock

When we look at the layout of the buttons, we see a very simple and user friendly keypad. It is a design that aims to do a lot of work using few buttons. We have seen this design with different button shapes in the some other Kwikset smart locks such as Kwikset SmartCode 955 and Kwikset Smartcode 913. We can say that it is ergonomically satisfactory. There is also a keyhole to let you use your key in case it is needed.

Pressing the buttons are easy and you are having a feeling as you are using a very durable product. We think that the numbers on the buttons will not have any wear off , we have already asked and confirmed this opinion to the people who used this product before. In short, the numbers written on the keypad will not wear off for a long time or even maybe never.

There is a bright enough backlit for night use. To activate backlit, you can press any key or press the lock button on the top. Top key activates both backlit and allows you to lock your door with a single press. A quick solution to lock your door when you don’t want to lock the door by Kwikset app.

We have also learned that you can use Kwikset Aura Smart Lock at cold and hot weathers without problems. Just make sure to installa a battery which performs well under cold or hot weather conditions. We had no time to test this but we wanted to share what we learned from long time users.

When we compare Kwikset Aura Smart Lock with Turbolock TL115 Smart Lock with Keypad, we have found them very similar as quality but different as the appearance of the keypad and the way they work. As the design Kwikset Aura Smart Lock covers smaller area on your door and it unlocks the door when you enter a correct password but Turbolock requires you to turn the thumb in order to unlock or lock the door.

User Code Details of Kwikset Aura Smart Lock

Kwikset Aura has a total of 250 user code memories. The only way to program these codes is to use the Kwikset application. Unfortunately, it does not allow programming on the keypad, but it is always easier to add and delete users over the phone. When programming, you need to be near the lock. Bluetooth distance is about 100 ft.

User codes suitable for any purpose can be programmed. We tried all kinds of codes that you see the details below and we did not encounter any problems. All of them worked exactly as desired.

Kwikset App

One Time User Code: It is a one-time use code. The person with this code can only log in once and it is not accepted again after the code is used. It needs to be used within 24 hours when you program and send this code. If not used, it is automatically deleted from the system. An ideal and fast solution for situations such as neighbors, relatives or cargo.

Anytime User Code: It is unlimited working code. It is active every day and every hour. It is a type of code that can be given to people who live at home or to very reliable people.

Limited by Date Range (Temporary): The usage area of this code is very wide. You can give this code for short-term rentals, Airbnb, home services, neighbors, gardener, relatives and similar people in order to use this code in the days that you defined.

Limited by Day or Time (Recurring): The recurring code is not found on every smart lock. Thanks to this code, you can give code to people who visit your home on certain days every week and let them go inside with this code instead of giving them new code each time again and again. The code you provided continues to run until you delete it from the system. Just select the days and set start-end time.

While you are at the Bluetooth range, if someone uses the code, you will get notifications. You can also track the usage details over the app while you are in the Bluetooth range. Since there is no hub, remote access to lock is not possible.

If we have to compare Kwikset Aura with Turbolock TL115 Smart Lock with Keypad, we can easily say that Aura has much larger memory and better code type options.

Auto Lock of Kwikset Aura

Automatic locking is a really great feature and we think that it should definitely be in every lock that is called a smart lock. Isn’t it great to have a smart lock that automatically locks it for you, even if you forget to lock your door? It is possible to use this feature with Kwikset Aura. Your door locks automatically after the time set by you passes over the last unlocking time.

SmartKey Security™ and Fire Protection of Kwikset Aura Smart Lock

SmartKey Security™ is new protection technology developed by Kwikset. It presents you pick resistant and bump proof door lock in order to take security to higher levels. You don’t have to worry about lock picking or lock bumping (bump key) attacks on your door.

Kwikset Aura Smart Lock is BHMA Grade 2 certified and UL certified with 20 minute fire rating which is pretty enough performance in fire situations. Protection level of this smart lock is pretty good enough for home usage.

Smartkey Rekey

Kwikset made rekeying extremely easy with new Smartkey Rekey technology. In simple words you can use a Kwikset KW1 Keyway key on your smart lock and other locks. Just one key for all locks sounds better than having couple of keys for each lock. We love this feature and enjoy to rekey every time on our own without a locksmith.

Here is the step by step guide for you to perform Kwikset rekey. You can also jump below to watch video.

1) First you have to remove the battery and set deadbolt to locked position

If you have a knob or lever, make sure it is in the lock position

— Make sure that your door can not be closed by wind or other factors while you are at the outside

2) Insert Currently Used Key :

— FULLY insert your currently used key then rotate 90 degrees clockwise (note that instructions are the same regardless of cylinder orientation)

3) Insert SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole :

— You may feel the tool click inside the lock which is normal — Remove SmartKey tool

— Remove current key

4) Insert New Key

— Insert Kwikset (KW1) keyway compatible key you wish to use with lock

— Make sure that the key is FULLY inserted

— The edge of the key touched the indent on the cylinder surface

— Rotate the key 180 degrees clockwise but please don’t pull or push the key

— Finally, pull the key without too much force to make sure it will NOT come out in this position

Battery Life of Kwikset Aura Smart Lock

Battery life is a very curious issue in such smart locks. It is not possible to talk about it as “exact” because there are many factors that affect battery life. Quality of the batteries, actived features, frequency of use, condition of the door and weather conditions are some of the factors that significantly change the life of the battery. We will suggest you Duracell batteries or Energizer AA Batteries as we have seen them as one of the best options for these kind of locks.

We didn’t have the chance to test the battery life of this Kwikset Aura Smart Lock, but we did some calculations and tests. In general, we install all the smart locks that we review to our doors and calculate the average battery consumption. We did the same for Kwikset Aura Smart Lock and made an estimate of 3 months. To confirm this prediction, we sent a message to some users and according to the answers we received, even in the worst conditions, it should have a battery life of around 2.5 – 3 months.

You can follow the status of the batteries through the application. Kwikset Aura also has its own low battery indicator to prevent sudden battery drain. If the red light flashes fastly with a quick beep sound for 3-4 seconds on the keypad, it is time to replace your battery. Our advice to you will be to replace the batteries without wasting much time.

It is very easy to replace the batteries. You can reach the battery holder and replace the batteries by simply removing the back cover of the interior unit without the need for screw removal. You can replace the batteries in about 1 minute in total.

If we have to compare Kwikset Aura with Turbolock TL115 Smart Lock with Keypad, Aura has shorter battery life but this comparison will not be fair because Turbolock doesn’t lock/unlock the door. It lets you to turn the thumb so it has extremely lower battery consumption than Aura.

Kwikset Aura Smart Lock
Kwikset Aura Smart Lock insalled on a door

Installation process of Kwikset Aura Smart Lock

Kwikset Aura has a very easy installation process as we expeceted. If you are afraid to do the installation yourself, this is really not necessary. We installed this product at our door in 10 minutes in total. An inexperienced user will complete the installation in about 15-20 minutes.

We managed to install Kwikset Aura Smart Lock with only a ruler and a Phillips Head Screwdriver. Most people will not need any additional equipments but in some situations you might need a hummer, chisel and wood block. You will not need any drilling if your door has the following specs:

Hole in the door is either 2-1/8″ (54 mm) or 1-1/2″ (38 mm)

Backset is either 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ (60 or 70 mm)

Hole in the door edge is 1″ (25 mm)

Door thickness between 1-3/8″ and 2″ (35mm and 51mm)

We share the Kwikset Aura installation manual here so you don’t have to look elsewhere. If you follow the steps in order, you will finish the installation process quickly. For those who say “I don’t want to read the manual, I want a video” , we share the Kwikset Aura installation video below.

Technical Details Chart

Item Weight 3.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 3.99 x 4.24 x 9.74 inches
Voltage 1.5V
Batteries 4 x AA Alkaline (included)
Style Keypad Deadbolt
Material Metal
Included Components Exterior Keypad; Interior Assembly; Adapter Ring; Mounting Plate; 2 Keys; Latch; Strike; 4 AA Batteries; SmartKey Tool; Installation Hardware; installation Guide
Batteries Included? Yes
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Warranty Description Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, 1 year electronics warranty

Cons and Pros of Kwikset Aura

It is hard to say anything negative for Kwikset Aura because this lock does what it promises you. It is a very useful product even though it does not have remote access. Technically, it does what all other smart locks do when it’s within Bluetooth range. If they develop a hub for this product and make it Alexa or Google Assistant compatible, it becomes truly flawless.

In this final part of our review, we will share with you the list of cons and pros we found. If you have a question about whether Kwikset Aura is worth buying, we can definitely say yes to you. You will get your money’s worth. When we compare to Turbolock TL115 Smart Lock with Keypad, we would like to state that we will prefer Kwikset Aura. Thank you very much for reading our review. Wehope you found answers to the questions that arise in your mind. Below you can see the pros and cons of Kwikset Aura.


Beautiful and simple design

Easy installation

Backlit on keypad

Solid structure with metal material

250 user code memory

One Time, Recurring, Temporary user codes

Airbnb friendly

Battery drain indicator

Easy to change battery

Kwikset Smartkey Rekey

Custom app

Fast and reliable app

Easy to program/add/delete codes

SmartKey Security and Fire Protection

Ideal battery life


No Wi-Fi or Z-Wave connections

No remote access

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