Desi Utopic R Smart Lock With Keypad Review

┬áIn this post we will try to explain you all details of Desi Utopic R smart lock with keypad. Desi is one of the first and oldest smart lock manufacturers on the market so you can always expect high quality products from this brand. Desi Utopic R is the only smart lock which is installed on the door with cylinder. It will fit to your door perfectly without any extra efforts needed. Let’s have a look at this model with more details.

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock

Design of Desi Utopic R Smart Lock

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock has a unique shape when compared to all the smart locks. What we call unique is it’s knob designed structure with minimum dimension. Sizes of the product is really small and never disturbs the appearance of the door after installation. Product offering a telescopic cylinder which can be extended up to 12mm. See the all details below about sizes.

Diameter: 50 mm, Length: 59 mm (without cylinder) Cylinder Size: 66 mm (split sizes: 26mm 10mm 30mm), Extendable telescopic cylinder up to 12mm

We had a chance to compare 3 of the smart locks on the market. Below you can see how they look when we put the together. Utopic R has a big advantage about diamater as you see. When we compare the overall length, Desi Utopic R Smart Lock is again winning the race with very small difference. From left to right Nuki, Dana Lock V3 and Desi Utopic R.

desi utopic r nuki dana lock

desi utopic r nuki dana lock
All of these smart locks are lined up at the exact same position from their front edges touching to door. Don’t let the perspective of the photo to confuse you.

Auto Locking

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock has auto lock feature as it is a must for a smart lock in our opinion. You can activate the auto lock feature by using the Utopic Smartlock app. You can define deactivation period for auto locking in the day so it work work between that time range. This is a good flexibility if you will use Desi Utopic R on an office door or similar place where door should be opened many times in a day.

As an example if you define a time range of deactivation between 11:00 pm to 05:00 am, Desi Utopic R Smart Lock will not lock your door at that time range. You can also use auto locking as 24 hours without any hour limitations so that it will lock the door whenever it gets unlocked. 15-30-45 and 60 seconds are your options for auto lock activation timing after unlocking operation.

desi utopic r
Desi Utopic R installed on door

Keypad Of Desi Utopic R Smart Lock

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock has a completely wireless working keypad with touch screen. This keypad requires only a single piece tape to mount outside of the door but if you want to mount, you can use one screw and mount it easily. It has pretty little dimensions 63 mm x 84 mm x 16,5 mm such that it will even fit inside of your hand. Keypad is working with radio frequency on 434 MHz. It needs 2 x AAA battery to operate.

Keypad comes with the default password “12345” so we suggest you to change it to prevent any unwanted attempts from outside. You can set total 2 passwords as 1 user and 1 admin. Menu of the keypad is not complicated and it has a very detailed user manual to program easily.

If you are thinking that 1 user and 1 admin code is not enough, you are right. But fortunately there is another mode of the keypad called OTP. OTP mode gives you ability to create user codes for your guests which can be used in different purposes. Up to 5 user codes allowed with 4 digit length. We have tested all of these codes and they are all working as intended. Below we will share these code types and explain details to you. You can also find user manual for OTP usage at here.

desi wireless keypad
Desi Wireless Keypad

User Codes

First of all we have to remind you that Desi Utopic R smart lock does not require any kind of connection in order to create user codes. You can create all kind of codes remotely from anwyhere without internet connection on your phone. OTP mode must be enabled to access these code types. Codes will be generated offline on your Utopic SmartLock app. You can track the code usage reports over the app.

Always: This code will work without any time limitations. It is very suitable for relatives and family. One master and one user code can be programmed for this purpose.

OTP: One Time Password is used just exactly as it sounds. Just open the Utopic SmartLock app and create a user code which will be valid for one time usage between the date and time range you defined. You can also find user manual for OTP usage at here.

Temporary: You can create user codes for multiple usage so your guest can use this kind of user code unlimited times between the date and time range you defined. e.g. at 01.24.20 between 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm or starting from 01.24.20 at 08:00 am and ending at 05.24.20 04:00 pm. Perfect fit for Airbnb and short therm rentals.

Solution for recurring visitors: If you have a repeating visitor such as home service then you have more than one solution. You can buy an extra remote controller and add remote controller to app as user so it will only work on every Tuesday between 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm as an example. If you don’t want to buy a remote controller, your visitor can download the Utopic SmartLock app and you can set your guest’s phone as a user on the list with same limitations. You can choose more than one day if you need.

OTP is disabled by default so you have to enable it with a simple process. Please note that this process is valid if keypad is the master (first added) controller on your Desi Utopic R Smart Lock. If your master device is your mobile phone then the process is a little bit different. Steps to follow are:

1) Awaken the keypad by touching on the surface

2) Touch M button, you should see A letter on the scren followed by three horizontal lines

3) Enter your master password, if you haven’t changed it will be 12345

4) Touch to zero (0) button and you should see C on the screen which means OTP is disabled

5) Touch lock button at the right bottom of the screen and 0 will appear on the screen

6) Press M button on the left bottom of the screen and your OTP will be enabled.

Below we are also sharing a step by step photo to explain the process.

Guest Access (Ekeys)

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock has another alternative solution for Airbnb houses. If you don’t have keypad or any other controllers on the door you can still give access to anyone who installs the application. Owner will simply open the Utopic Smartlock app and create a guest access code via app and share the code with the guest. When guest receives the code he/she will paste it in the app and door will be unlocked. Guest access code can be created remotely or inside the house without need of a connection to smart lock or internet. Code can be easily created offline over the Utopic SmartLock app.

Battery Life of Utopic R Smart Lock

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock has a long usage performance compared with other smart locks. We tested it on 2 turn lock with 5 full locking and 5 full unlocking operations per day with keypad which has RF connection and there were no Bluetooth connections active during the test period. Result was impressive as we were not expecting to have similar result to their stated 90 day battery life. Battery finished in 86 days. We will continue to test this product on 3 turn locks and see if it can really catch 80 day battery usage time as written on the manual. Utopic Smartlock app also gives you ability to change the speed of the motor as low-medium-high so this can be used to extend battery life when you set to medium or high.

Batteries are rechargable so you will never have to change the batteries and this will save you from paying money for AA batteries every month. Charging is very simple as just plugging the microUsb cable to the socket on Utopic R. We fully charged it in approximately 3 hours. It has low battery indicator which gives you a warning tone when you reach to last 50 operations so you will always hear it as long as you don’t charge it. In the app you can also easily see the level of the battery.

Controller Options of Desi Utopic R Smart Lock

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock has 3 controller options and they are all wireless. First one and the most popular one is keypad. Second option is wireless fingerprint reader version and the last one is remote controller version. You can add up to 40 different controllers. Family members or close friends can easily be added as a mobile phone user so they can enter to house without any limitations. We will also have a separate review for these controllers in the future.

desi utopic r controllers

Installation Process of Desi Utopic R Smart Lock

This step is by far the most exciting step for this product. You can’t even imagine how simple it was to install Utopic R on the door in 1 minute. When we had the product we were worrying about if it will be really ready to use in 1 minute but after completing the process we are completely impressed. You need a 1 screwdriver to take out your existing cylinder and then install Utopic R as your new smart lock. Comparing with the other smart locks for Euro Profile Cylinder locks we can easily say that this product by far the easiest one to install. It is easy but at the same time you will have to change your existing cylinder on the door so if you don’t want to change your existing cylinder this lock is not your ideal smart lock. You should choose the other ones which are installed on keys at around 10-20 minutes. You can also watch the video at the below:

Reports of Usage

Desi Utopic R Smart Lock can log last 64 events occurred on your lock. You can simply get all the details who/when locked or unclocked the door. Some people might want to track the family members or a home service so this feature will help. You can access this report on Utopic Smartlock app.

Utopic Smartlock app
Reports screen of the app

Technical Details Chart of Desi Utopic R

Item Weight 1.6 pounds
Utopic R Dimensions Diameter: 50 mm Length: 59 mm
Batteries 2 x Lithium ion rechargable batteries (included)
Material Zamac
Keypad Dimensions 63 mm x 84 mm x 16,5 mm
Batteries Included? Yes
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Lithium Ion
Cylinder Size 66 mm (split sizes: 26mm 10mm 30mm)

Cons and Pros of Desi Utopic R Smart Lock


Easy to use application

1 minute installation

Long battery life with rechargable batteries

Always, One Time, Temporary code types

Airbnb friendly

Guest Access (Ekey)

Auto lock and auto rotation

Smallest dimensions on the market

Key usage if battery drains

Battery drain warning with voice

Lock/unlock with buttons on it

Multiple contoller options

Fast connection with app

Time limited entrance via app or remote controller (sold separetly) for recurring visitors

Fast charging

Reports of who/when uncloked the door


No connection to smart hubs

No Wi-Fi connection

Kids can have problem with touch keypad

You should change your existing cylinder lock