What is Euro Profile Cylinder Compatible Smart Lock?

Euro Profile Cylinder locks are mostly used in Europe countries but there are also some users from other countries too. In this post we will show you how to understand if you have a Euro Profile Cylinder lock on your door and how to choose the correct smart lock for your needs.

Euro Profile locks are cylinder shaped locks. Sometimes they are named as “door barrel” too. When you insert a key into the cylinder you can turn the key if the patterns of the key fits to pins inside of the lock. If key turns successfully it will also turn the middle part on the cylinder which is named as “cam”. This cam will activate the locks on your door as locking or unlocking.

Before you continue to read, if you want to directly see all of the smart locks compatible with Euro Profile Locks that we have reviewed so far you can click here. We suggest you to read this article till the end to see all positive sides of a Euro Cylinder Smart Lock.

euro profile cylinder lock
Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

If you have a lock as the one above, you should read details of the smart lock that you would like to buy very carefully to see whetwer it is compatible with Euro Profile Cylinders. If your lock is not the one as the above, then you might have a deadbolt on your door. In this case we suggest you to look at our smart lock designed for deadbolts page.

We assume that you have Euro Profile Cylinder Lock on your door so we will give you more details for smart locks compatible with Euro Cylinder Lock.

Why should i need a euro profile cylinder smart lock?

  1. You can forget about your keys after you install a smart lock on your door. After you experience keyless life you will never want to return back to your old lock. Keys will only be needed if your smart lock’s battery finishes completely or if smart lock doesn’t work (very few possibility)
  2. You can unlock your door from your mobile phone, fingerprint reader or keypad with smart euro cylinder lock. Generally smart locks are sold with one of these controllers so make sure to choose to most comfortable controller for youself. Some of the brands doesn’t offer fingerprint reader as an option.
  3. You can set auto locking in case you forget to lock your door. It is very easy to set auto locking period over the app. We suggest you to read our reviews about Desi Utopic R , Nuki Combo 2.0 Electronic Door Lock with Sensor, and Yale Linus Smart Lock for more details.
  4. Your guests can enter to house without keys. Products on the market offers you to create virtual keys or guest access so that anyone can enter to your house between the dates and hours you defined over the app. Guests should just use the app of the installed smart lock to unlock the door.
  5. If you want to track your family members you can easily learn who/when unlocked/locked the door from the reports.
  6. Smart locks are fast and reliable products. You will never spend too much time in front of your door again.
  7. Smart Euro Cylinder Lock is a completing product for home automation systems. If your whole house is under the control of home automation then why your door shouldn’t be part of this easiness ?
Desi Utopic OK Type A Smart Lock
Desi Utopic Ok Type A Smart Lock installed on Euro Profile Cylinder Lock
Yale Linus Smart Lock Review
Yale Linus Smart Lock installed on Euro Profile Cylinder Lock
nuki smart lock 2.0
Nuki Smart Lock installed on Euro Profile Cylinder Lock
Desi Utopic R Smart Lock
Desi Utopic R Smart Lock installed on Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

Are there any negavite sides of having a smart lock on the door?

Smart locks are becoming more common every passing day so this means they keep getting better. In today’s technology smart lock is not a product to be afraid of. Here are the some popular questions and answers for them:

Q: What happens if my battery drains?

A: Almost all of the smart locks having warning systems which prevents you forgetting to chage or charge the batteries.

Q: Okay they have a warning system but what happens if i forgot to charge or change batteries?

A: Most of the smart locks on the market are installed on the keys so a key from outside will not unlock the door if your cylinder does not have emergency function. There are some exception smart locks which does not require emergency function but most them require. We suggest you to be careful and read descriptions of the smart lock that you plan to buy.

Q: What happens if door gets auto locked while i am out of the house and my phone is inside the house?

A: This situation can happen any time. To prevent this you can just leave your door slightly open. If your smart lock has an option to set auto lock activation hours then you can have more luck since your lock will not auto lock except those hours. Also you can install a keypad or fingerprint reader of the installed smart lock on your door to minimize the risk.

We can easily say that these questions are most popular questions covering general of the smart locks. Of course there are much more detailed questions specifically for each products but we will not share them on this post. We hope you will find answers to your questions at this post. If you have any more questions please share them in the comment section.

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