Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock Review

We are adding another new brand to the smart lock reviews on our site. We will be reviewing Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock which is a versatile smart lock that allows you to unlock the door by keypad, fingerprint reader and acces card as out of the box.

Technically this lock is not a smart lock as it can not be controlled by an app but it can be a good option for our readers so we wanted to make a deatiled review for Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock and share our thoughts about it.

Keypad of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock

The keypad is located between the fingerprint reader and the lever. It is a touchscreen keypad, so sometimes you have to put your hand on the screen several times to wake it up. In general, such problems can occur on the touchscreen keypads during waking. Its performance after waking up and responsivity in pressing the keys seemed pretty good to us. However, screen is not very visible during day light so you better use fingerprint reader under day light.

Touchscreen may encounter problems such as not working when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. This problem also occurs at Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock. Keypad does not become active because the screen is becoming overheated so that you will have to wait for it to cool down or use access card, fingerprint reader.

Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock Review

When we compare the performance of the keypad with other smart locks that are very similar as design, we found this one very close to their performances. The smart locks that we are comparing are Sifely Smart Lock and Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock.

Programming the user codes to Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock is very easy and fast. A voice guide will help you till the end of the process. We found this voice guide idea very useful. Your codes should be 4 – 12 digits length. There is one recurring or scheduled access options so this is limiting your possibilities to set different user codes for your needs. You can set one time usage code which will be deleted after it is used.

Each user code is assigned to a position in the memory. You can track who and when unlocked the door by using the code at the logs. Logs can be accessed from the OLED display at the top of the lock.

The memory has space for 9 masters and 291 regular users. Each user code, access card and fingerprint take up 1 space. You can record a total of 291 different records. Deafult admin code is 123456 so you must change it as the first thing to do.

Fingerprint Reader of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock

Sometimes you may not want to use the touchscreen keypad of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock. For this reason, the fingerprint reader comes across as a very good solution. The reading performance of the fingerprint reader is really excellent. However, some irritated fingers may have difficulty for reading. For this reason, we recommend that you register your finger at different angles more than once as different users. In this way, you minimize the possibility of your finger being unreadable.

The fingerprint reader can cause problems in rainy weather. If there is moisture on the reader screen, you should wipe the screen. If you don’t wipe it, it probably won’t read your fingerprint. We tested it and found that it does not read 90% of the time when reader is wet. Also if your hand is cold, you might need to try 2 times to unlock the door.

Adding and deleting fingerprints to Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock is very easy too. A voice guide will help you till the end of the process for adding fingerprints to the lock. Our overall assessment is that the fingerprint reader performs very well.

The memory has space for 9 masters and 291 regular users. Each user code, access card and fingerprint take up 1 space. You can record a total of 291 different records.

Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock Review

Access Cards of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock

Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock presents multiple ways to unlock your door. Access cards are the third solution to this. In the previous reviews we made on our site, we saw access cards at the Sifely Smart Lock and Oaks Smart Lock 2 Review. By using access cards you can simply unlock your door by touching it to surface of the keypad. There are 3 pieces of access cards coming as out of the box but if you need more you can buy them from here.

Access cards are can be very helpful for kids or elderly people. Access cards have very small dimensions as 2″ x 1.2″ x 0.15″ so you will not be disturbed when one of them is in your pocket.We liked the overall operating performance and frankly we recommend you to use it. We have tested them and they unlocked the door instantly.

Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock Review

You can track the usage of these access cards over the logs menu in OLED screen. They can not be programmed for scheduled access or recurring access. Once you give an access card to someone, this means that person will be able to unlock your door without any limitations.

Auto Lock Feature of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock

Thanks to auto lock, many users have removed the door locking process from their lives. One of the most beautiful features that a smart lock brings to our lives is auto lock feature.

The automatic locking system in Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock is basically based on the fact that lever does not allow you to unlock your door. 5 seconds after you unlock your door using the lever, the lever is automatically deactivated, thus when you close the door it is already locked.

We would have like to have flexible timing options in this regard. You can choose when the automatic lock will be activated for almost all locks in this style on the market so this is a big miss in our opinion. In addition, you can disable the auto lock process by switching to passage mode when your door will be used frequently.

Battery Life of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock

One of the most curious things of our readers who want to install smart locks or similar electronic locks on their doors is the battery life of the product they want to buy. There are many factors that affect battery life. The condition of the door, weather conditions in the environment used, quality of the batteries used, frequency of use and the features activated in the lock can be listed as examples of these factors.

Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock is powered by 4 x AA Alkaline batteries. These batteries should be bought additionally so we suggest you to buy high quality ones such as Duracell batteries or Energizer AA Batteries.

Battery life for each user can vary significantly, but we’ll try to give you an average figure. We can say that Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock has a battery life of approximately 1 year and more, according to the average of our own tests and the answers we received from users of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock. Since it does not have a motorized function such as turning the lock and has a simpler system, the battery consumption is very low.

Some users stated that they had problems with the battery in a short time. “Low power, Please change the battery” warning occured for these users but Harfo company immediately replaced these smart locks with new ones. In other words, if you encounter a battery-related problem, the company does not seem to make you a victim.

If the battery is low, you are getting an audible Kow battery warning as “Low power, Please change the battery” . Our advice to you is to replace the batteries as soon as possible after receiving this warning, without wasting too much time. If you do not change the batteries and the batteries run out, you can open the door using your existing key. There is also a microUSB port entrance to temporarily give electric to system.

There is a very easy solution in the battery replacement part. You can replace the battery by removing the cover on the indoor unit by removing the single screw. This operation that will take at most 2 minutes in total.

Installation process of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock

Before you decide to buy Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock , you should make sure that you have a door with the features listed below in order to install it.

Door Thickness: 1 3/8 inch to 2 3/16 (35mm – 55mm)

Bore Hole Diameter: 2.125″ (54mm)

Bore Hole Backset: 2.375″-2.75″ (60mm or 70m) (Distance between center of Bore Hole to edge of the door)

Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock Review

Installation of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock was not difficult at all. We have finished the installation in approximately 18 minutes. In general, this type of locks do not require drilling on the door.However, a small drilling is required for this lock. Drilling process is definitely nothing difficult as this is a really small drilling. They are sending you the template and drilling equipment to make things faster. Except drilling, you will only need a Phillips-Head Screwdriver.

Below we are sharing you the installation video of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock. Once we find the installation manual, we will also share it with you at here.

Technical Details Chart

Item Weight 5.59 pounds
Product Dimensions 68.5mm*183mm*78mm
Voltage 1.5 volts
Batteries 4 AA batteries required. (not included)
Style Keypad Lever with Fingerprint Reader
Working Temperature -4~140℉(-20~60℃)
Included Components HARFO Smart Lock (F01), 1 x Latch Assembly, 2 x Set of Mounting Screws, 1 x Set of Spare Parts, 1 x Strike Plate + Assembly, 1 x Drill bit, 3 x Access Card, 2 x Metal Keys, User Manual & Install Templates
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock Review

Cons and Pros of Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock

In the last part of our review, we will provide you a summary of what we have written so far, and share the  list of the pros and cons we have identified during our trials for Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock.

Our team liked this lock in multiple ways. Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock can be a very good option if you do not have an internet-related operation interest like remote access and connecting to smart hubs.

The performance of the fingerprint reader is almost perfect. The keypad works as fast and accurate as it should, but it is a little difficult to see the numbers during the day light. The access cards included in the box offer a good alternative for the elderly and children to open the door without difficulty.

When we have gathered all these features, we can recommend Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock to you with peace of mind. Finally, this lock impresses with its long battery life and easy programmability. We share the list of pros and cons at the bottom with you.


Long battery life

Solid structure

Easy to change batteries

Well performing keypad and fingerprint reader

Voice guide

Total of 291 fingerprint, code and access control memory

Unlock with fingerprint, keypad, access cards or keys

User tracking over OLED screen

One time usage code

Easy to change batteries

microUSB port entrance for backup


No smart hub connection options

No Wi-Fi

No scheduled or recurrings user codes

Brightness of the keypad is not good under day light

2 thoughts on “Harfo F01 Smart Lever Door Lock Review

  • June 10, 2021 at 2:59 am

    I bought one last month and it’s working beautifully, and I decided to buy another one but unfortunately the exterior handle is turning but NOT OPENING, LOCK OR UNLOCKED the square spindle doesn’t turn from exterior handle but it is working interior ?could you tell me if I am doing something wrong or how can I fix it.

    • June 11, 2021 at 8:34 am


      This smart lock has clutch mechanism so if it is not working from exterior unit, your lock might be defective. It will be better to contact their support.


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