Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt Review

Hugolog is a nice electronic lock and smart lock manufacturer brand which we had reviewed one of its electronic lock Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock at our blog before. This time we will review another model named Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt. As we always do, we will share our test results and all experiences with you.

If you are planning to buy Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt, we suggest you to read the entire review till the end. We will also list all cons and pros of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt in this review. Please note that this lock is not a smart lock but it is an electronic lock.

Keypad of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt

Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt Review

Keypad has a very clean design which is same as the design of a keypad of mobile phone. Buttons are very easy to press so we believe that kids, elderly people and women will not have any problems about it. You can feel the buttons very well when you try to press them.

There is a led indicator at the top of the keypad which is a status indicator that uses green or red light. There is also a keyhole just below the keypad to let you use your key to unlock the door if you suddenly need this.

Quality of the keypad is very high and it makes you feel as you have a very well made electronic lock in your hand. Numbers on the keypad will not wear off easily. Backlit of the keypad is very good for night usage. You won’t need backlit for day usage as the numbers are visible under the sun light without illumination.

Pressing on any key for 2 seconds will lock the door. This seems to be nice but we would prefer to have it to be locked by a single press on a button without pressing 2 seconds.

Weather Conditions

Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt is IP54 certified. IP54 shows that it is resistant to splashes and minor water contact. If it is exposed to very heavy rain, you may experience problems. In addition, according to the information provided by the Hugolog company, it can work between -20°C -55°C / -4°F -131°F.

Since we do not have the chance to test it, we cannot say it is true or false, but we would like to share with you the information that electronic locks generally have difficulty in extremely hot and cold weather. They consume the battery very quickly under very cold weather conditions. In the light of this information, we recommend you to take your precautions.

User Codes

A total of 21 codes can be programmed between 4 and 10 digits. 1 master code and 20 user codes are allowed. Default master code is 12345678 which must be changed immediately as the first thing to do before programming. Each programmed code will work without any time limit. It is very easy to program user codes. We finished programming under a minute.

Unfortunately there is no one time usage code which is really very useful feature for electronic locks. We don’t know why but for some reason Hugolog didn’t give this feature to Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt users. Our previously reviewed Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock had one time usage code.

There is a nice function named “Fake Pin”. It is for hiding your user code if you are suspicious that someone is watching you while you are entering your code. Usage is very simple. Just enter some random digits before or after your user code. As an example, suppose that your user code is 5756 so when you enter 33905756 or 57563321, both of these codes will work as they both include 5756.

You can find the Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt programming manual at here.

Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt Review

Auto Lock

Auto lock feature is not enabled by default. Once you enable it, Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt will lock itself after 30 seconds passes over the last unlocking time. Activation process is very simple. You can find it at the user manual.

Having 30 seconds as the only option for auto lock timer is not useful. For some people 30 seconds will be too much quick. Our previously reviewed Hugolog Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock gives you flexible time range of 10-99 seconds so we would expect the same from this electronic lock too.

We have tested auto lock feature and it worked as expected. We suggest this feature to all of our readers as it is one of the best things that come with smart locks and electronic locks to our lives.

Battery Life of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt

Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt needs 4 x AA Alkaline batteries in order to operate. They are not sending you batteries so you should by yourself. We are suggesting to use high quality batteries such as Duracell – CopperTop AA for the longest battery life.

We have seen that Hugolog claims 1-year battery life with total of 10 lock and unlock operations. Generally, these kind of estimations are not correct as there are many factors affecting the battery life as quality of the batteries, weather conditions, condition of the door, usage frequency, enable features.

We tested the battery consumption of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt on different doors with different conditions. What we have seen is that you can expect to use this electronic lock without changing the batteries for at least 8 months. This is a good battery life so we are satisfied.

Low battery indicator warns you when the battery gets to 20% level. You will hear beep warning and see red light flashing on the Hugolog logo located above the keypad. We have also tested this and there is no way to be not aware of this warning. Your batteries will not finish immediately but you should not forget to change it as soon as possible.

There is no emergency backup port entrance located at the Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt. Despite this, they have keyhole to use your key if the lock runs out of battery. USB port entrance for power backup would be nice for this electronic lock.

Battery changing is extremely easy. Just slide up the cover of the interior unit and replace the batteries. No tools needed to remove the cover. Whole process will take around 1 minute.

Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt Review
Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt installed on a door

Installation Process of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt

Before we share what we have faced while installing Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt on our doors, we want to remind you that your door should have the following specs in order to finish installation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install it on your door.

  • Door thickness 1-3/8″ to 2″ (35 mm to 50 mm)
  • Backset either 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ inches wide (60 mm or 70 mm)
  • Hole in door is 1-1/2″ or 2-1/8″ inches wide (38 mm or 54 mm)
  • Hole in the door edge is 1″

It is optional to drill another hole to secure the electronic lock but we don’t think it is need so you won’t need any drilling if your door is already pre-drilled as our doors.

Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt

Installation was very easy for us. It can be done easily by an inexperienced person in around 17 minutes. We have finished the installation in 10 minutes as we have done these kind of electronic lock installations many times before.

During the installation, all we used was a Phillips Head Screwdriver which can be found at every house. There is no need to worry about it. Just follow the instructions and you will quickly finish installation of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt.

You can find the Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt installation manual at here. Also, you can find the installation video below.

Technical Details Chart of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt

Item Weight 2.49 pounds
Product Dimensions 2.89 x 1.42 x 7.09 inches
Voltage 1.5V
Batteries 4 AA batteries required
Style Deadbolt
Material Aluminium Alloy+ABS
Working Temperature -20°C -55°C / -4°F -131°F
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline

Cons and Pros of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt

This is the final part of our review. Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt is a nice electronic lock which is worth of its cost. There are some little cons that we will list as a list at the bottom of this part but these cons are not extremely important if you are looking for a simple and easy to use electronic lock.

We are satistified with its features and working performance. It has a very solid structure which made us feel us it will work for a long time without any problems. If you are not looking for any kind of smart features then Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt is a good option for you.

We want to also give you more similar electronic lock options to have a look. Check the list below.

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Here is the list of cons and pros of Hugolog HU01 Digital Deadbolt:


Simple and beautiful design

Easy to install

Backlit on keypad

Long battery life

Battery drain indicator

Easy to add/delete codes

Easy to change battery

Easy to press buttons

IP54 Weather Resistance

20 user code memory + 1 master code

Stable working

Mechanical key usage if battery drains/p>


No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave connections

No smart capabilities

No USB port for Emergency Power Supply

No one time usage code

No auto lock timer setting except 30 seconds

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