Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt Review

After a long time we are now having a chance to review different brand other than Kwikset, Schlage, August and Ultraloq. This is the first time we are having a Tacklife product to have a look and write a review. At the first looking we have remembered Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt which has very similar design with this electronic deadbolt.

We will tell all of the features of Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt and sometimes compare it with similar products so that our readers can see the differences before deciding to buy Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt. Hope you will enjoy reading our review.

Keypad of Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt


Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt has a very slim and modern design with simple usage. All of the buttons are alligned in a way that can be used very easily. It is made of zinc alloy which gives it very heavy-duty structure. We had a feeling as we are holding very high quality product in our hands.

User Codes

We were able to store 6 different user codes and 1 one time user code with 4 to 10 digits length to our Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt. This amount of user codes are pretty enough for keypad deadbolts without smart capabilities. Similar competitor models Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt and Kwikset Powerbolt 2 have also 6 user codes and 1 one time usage code. One time usage codes are great for giving someone access to your house when you don’t want to give permanent user codes. Dogwalker, handyman and any kind of short time visitors can use this code. Once it is used, it will be deleted automatically.

Programming of Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

Please don’t forget to change your pre-programmed default programming code (0000) and default user code 1234 as the first thing to do. You won’t want to see unwanted unlocking attempts on your door. Adding or deleting user codes are extremely easy on the keypad. You just have to press couple of buttons to finish process. You can find all the details at the user manual.


Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt has backlit feature on the keypad. Backlit is activated by pressing the Taklife button on the top of the keypad. Brightness of the light is enough for both day and night usage. Tacklife button has also another feauture as locking the door. When you press that button your lock will start locking. Exactly working same as Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt.

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

Auto Lock

Tacklife presents flexible auto lock timing settings from 10 to 99 seconds. It is disabled by default but if you enable it, it will be ready to work with 30 seconds timer setting. We have tested it with 15 and 22 seconds and it worked as intended. If you don’t have any about auto lock feature, we can tell you that with this feature your lock will be automatically locked after your defined time passes over the last unlocking operation. Most of the people find this feature very useful for many cases. Especially families with kids love it most. This feature is also exactly same with it’s settings as Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt.

Security of Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

Security is the most important case for a lock. We have investigated Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt as whole and found that it is one step behind of other competitor models which you can find at our Kwikset 913 Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt Review and Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Review. These 2 electronic deadbolts have different design but they are similar to each other as their features.

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt doesn’t have a special protection for lock bumping which is a very widely used attacking technique on the locks. It has BHMA Grade 3 certificate which is the lowest grade but this doesn’t mean that it is not secured. Grade 3 shows that it can be used at houses.Other models we have stated above has bump proof lock mechanism and they have BHMA Grade 2 certificate which shows that they are even more better at the security level.

When someone inputs 5 incorrect codes, Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt will disable the system for 45 seconds in order to prevent code guessing attempts. It will also trigger a middle noise level alarm to deter the person who is trying to guess your codes. As final words, we can say that Tacklife is one step behind of Kwikset 913 Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt and Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt but has exactly same security level and alarm features with Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt.

Battery Life of Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt requires 4 x AA Alkaline batteries to operate. Batteries are not included in the package so you should buy them separately. We suggest our readers to buy either Duracell batteries or Energizer AA Batteries for a better battery life. Rechargable batteries are not suitable to use for this electronic deadbolt. If you try, you will see low battery error.

Depending on our experiences we can say that battery life can not be same for everyone. There many factors effecting the life of the battery as usage frequency, condition of the door, quality of the battery, weather conditions and number of enabled features. These factors will change battery life for everyone but we can say that you can use Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt around 3-4 months averagely. We have also contacted to some of the users and confirmed this. Some of the people reported usage times as short as days but they are defective ones and will be changed. When compared the battery life Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt is a bit better with 6-8 months usage.

When batteries get low you will easily understand this by the low battery indicator on the keypad. You will hear 10 rapid beeps with 10 red flashes. Once you see this warning, you will still have couple of days to change the batteries but we suggest you do change it as soon as possible in order to prevent battery drain. In case of forgeting to change battery, you can still use your key to unlock the door.

Battery changing can be done in 1 minute. Just slide up the the cover of the interior unit and replace the batteries. You won’t need to remove any screws for the whole process.

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt
Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt installed on door

Installation process of Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

Installation process is one of the most important things for these products. Fortunately, Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt has really easy installation process for the pre-drilled doors withs the specifications given below. We installed it just by using a Phillips Head Screwdriver without any drilling in 10 minutes so you can expect to finish it in 15-20 minutes. If your door needs drilling, there is template in the manual to help you.

For step by step installation instructions, we are sharing Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt installation manual at here. Additionally, in case you might not want to read but watch the process, we are sharing installation video below.

Please check and confirm that your door meets the following criterias:

Door thickness: 1-3/8″ to 2″ (35 mm to 51 mm)

Backset: 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ (60 mm or 70 mm)

Hole in the door : 2-1/8″ (54 mm)

Hole in the door edge: 1″ (25 mm)

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt is only compatible with the doors which has standard single-cylinder deadbolt mounted separately from the handle/knob below it. So please confirm all of these before you buy.

Technical Details Chart

Item Weight 2.65 pounds
Product Dimensions 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.8 inches
Voltage 1.5 volts
Batteries 4 AA batteries required. ( not included)
Style Deadbolt keypad
Material Zinc alloy
Included Components Digital Deadbolt, Template, Grip , 2 x Keys, Interior Knob,x User Manual, Deadbolt Latch, Protect Card, Spring Latch, 2 x Cylinders, Strike for Deadbolt Latch, Screws
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Warranty Description 2 years

Cons and Pros of Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt 

Tacklife Keypad Electronic Deadbolt is a product which can be categorized as you get what you pay for. It will perform as well as it is expected with the features advertised. A very simple and classy designed keypad deadbolt with easy usage. Auto lock, avarage battery life, easy installation process and one time code can be listed as the best features of this lock. It is extremely similar to Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt but we loved Tacklife a little bit more.

Cons of this lock is not really big issue so if you are looking for something easy to use as just entering a code and unlocking the door then you can choose this one without any hesitations. We always love to share some alternative competitor models with our readers so we suggest you to have a look at our Kwikset 913 Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt Review and Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Review. Here is the list of cons and pros:


Solid zinc alloy design

Easy installation

Auto lock

6 user codes

One time usage code

Backlit keys

Easy to program

Key usage in case of battery drain

Battery drain warning

Average battery life

Easy to change battery


No smart capabilities and connections

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  • April 11, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Cannot figure out how to change default codes and enter my own

    • April 12, 2021 at 5:40 am


      Please look at the user manual that we shared here. You can see the answer at pages 9,10.

      • April 12, 2021 at 6:01 pm

        I have… tried about 10 times..still no luck

        • April 13, 2021 at 5:08 am

          It would be better to contact with the company. Looks like there is a problem.


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